Quality- and environmental policy

The work at iCell shall be characterized by a high level of competence and responsiveness to the needs of our employees, customers, partners and stakeholders. Internal policies shall be known to all employees. The quality work shall be characterized by initiatives, improvements and knowledge in the best possible understanding.

Our quality policy:

iCell shall have a high quality awareness that is an integral part of all our operations and the goal of the quality work is satisfied customers.

We therefore put demands on our operations by doing the following:

  • having good working conditions for our employees
  • having the right skills
  • being responsive to the demands and expectations of customers and other stakeholders
  • taking responsibility for delivering the right quality and on time
  • having the will and ability to adjust to new requirements and expectations
  • regularly following up on customer satisfaction
  • constantly improving and developing processes


We comply with applicable laws, regulations, and recommendations that affect the business.
We choose suppliers who understand, respect and have the ability to deliver the right quality.

The key to long-term success is dependent on our shared ability to create trust and added value for our customers

Our environmental policy:

Our operations include the manufacturing and sales of cellulose-based insulation. iCell will work actively to minimize the negative impacts on the environment and contribute to sustainable development by doing the following:

  • designing products with regard to cycle thinking, function, quality requirements, production methods, health and economics
  • integrating environmental aspects into processes and ways of working
  • establishing an environmentally oriented dialogue with suppliers, customers and other stakeholders
  • striving to reduce resource use in connection with travel, energy consumption, waste management, and prevention of emissions
  • creating and following up on environmental goals and activities in our business plan to achieve continuous improvement
  • complying with applicable legislation, internal guidelines, requirements and recommendations that are relevant to our operations

We strive to get environmentally aware and engaged employees through education and information to create active environmental work.


More About iCell

Du sparar energi och pengar!

  • iCell nyttjar främst o-cirkulerade tidningar till produktionen.
  • Återvinning av ett ton tidningspapper motsvarar: 19 träd, 4 000 kWh energi, 29000 liter rent vatten, 3 m³ sopor och 30 kg giftigt avfall
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