The story behind iCell

Vision and innovation

iCell was founded on June 9, 2009 by the entrepreneurs Roger Gudmundsäter and Mikael Månsson. With a small team of efficient and skilled employees, the entire project went from idea to finished plant in only 2 ½ years. Since the start of the project, we have created the world’s largest, most modern, and automated production plant for cellulose insulation made from recycled paper.

Development of the iCell Skiva

During the company’s first year of operations, we received repeated inquiries about our ability to produce cellulose insulation in a board format. At the end of 2013, the Board decided to take on the challenge by expanding the operations and production of environmentally friendly insulation boards for heat, cold and soundproofing of the future. After several years of intense development and factory construction, the first iCell Skiva was delivered in early September 2015.


June 9, 2009
iCell was founded by the entrepreneurs
Roger Gudmundsäter and Mikael Månsson

December 1, 2009
The decision to build the iCell Lösull plant was made

October 26, 2010
The first sod-cutting in Älvdalen in the heart of Dalarna

April 15, 2011
Start of construction phase 1, iCell Lösull

May 29, 2012
Start of phase 1, initial production phase of iCell Lösull

December 1, 2012
ETA approval of iCell Lösull

December 19, 2013
Decision phase 2, iCell Skiva

May 01, 2014
Start of construction phase 2, iCell Skiva

September 4, 2015
First delivery, iCell Skiva W45, 70 & 95

January 15, 2018
Launch, iCell Skiva, W120, 145, & 170

March 12, 2018
ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality and environmental certified

March 14, 2019
Launch, iCell Skiva, M45, 70, 95, 120 & 145

More About iCell

Du sparar energi och pengar!

  • iCell nyttjar främst o-cirkulerade tidningar till produktionen.
  • Återvinning av ett ton tidningspapper motsvarar: 19 träd, 4 000 kWh energi, 29000 liter rent vatten, 3 m³ sopor och 30 kg giftigt avfall
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