iCell Skiva – cellulose insulation

This novelty, the iCell Skiva, is perhaps the greatest advancement in the insulation industry since the ’60s.

Since 2011, we have been developing an eco-friendly insulation board for the building industry and the iCell Skiva is now ready for the market. The insulation board is used as supplementary insulation or in various new buildings under construction. The iCell Skiva is essentially based on the same eco-efficient cellulose insulation as the iCell Lösull.


The iCell Skiva is easy to handle, generates very little dust, and is excellent for the work environment, no itching or other irritations – simply a delight for the installer.

The iCell Skiva is perfectly suited to use when building with open diffusion thanks to the hygroscopic properties of cellulose loose fill. There are currently several recognized providers of insulation systems with steam brakes and wind shelters/underlayer ceilings, which have been developed to form a balanced climate screen. The building breathes and becomes increasingly healthier and sounder.

The iCell Skiva is manufactured with the standard dimensions of 1170 x 565 mm for the thicknesses of 45, 70 and 95 mm.  They will eventually be supplemented with thicknesses of 120, 145, 170 and 195 mm.

The iCell Skiva is CE marked.

CE mark   iCell Skiva är CE-märkt.



Dimensions – iCell Skiva for wood stud – cc600mm

External dimensions (mm)pc/pkm²/pkg
iCell Skiva W45 (45 x 565 x 1170)127,93
iCell Skiva W70 (70 x 565 x 1170)85,29
iCell Skiva W95 (95 x 565 x 1170)63,97
iCell Skiva W120 (120 x 565 x 1170)53,31
iCell Skiva W145 (145 x 565 x 1170)42,64
iCell Skiva W170 (170 x 565 x 1170)42,64


Dimension – iCell Skiva for metal stud – cc450mm

External dimensions (mm)pc/pkm²/pkg
iCell Skiva M45 (45 x 455 x 1210)126,61
iCell Skiva M70 (70 x 455 x 1210)84,40
iCell Skiva M95 (95 x 455 x 1210)63,30
iCell Skiva M120 (120 x 455 x 1210)52,75
iCell Skiva M145 (145 x 455 x 1210)42,20



iCell Saw

It is easy to cut the iCell Skiva and we especially recommend our own toothless insulation saw for this purpose – the iCell saw. The iCell saw was developed in collaboration with Bacho.

iCell Såg - iCell Saw

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Du sparar energi och pengar!

  • iCell nyttjar främst o-cirkulerade tidningar till produktionen.
  • Återvinning av ett ton tidningspapper motsvarar: 19 träd, 4 000 kWh energi, 29000 liter rent vatten, 3 m³ sopor och 30 kg giftigt avfall
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