iCell Lösull – cellulose insulation

A material’s insulating properties depend on three main factors: air viscosity, heat capacity, and convection. With its high density combined with a high level of inactivity, iCell Lösull insulates better than mineral wool. Its high density and air viscosity also provide excellent sound insulation with the best heat capacity. The density and the weight of approximately 50 kg per m³ for walls and pitched roofs, among other things, prevent air flow (convection) within the insulation.

With cellulose loose fill insulation you can build with open diffusion thanks to the hygroscopic properties of the cellulose loose fill. There are currently several recognized providers of insulation systems with steam brakes and wind shelters/underlayer ceilings, which have been developed to form a balanced climate screen. The building breathes and becomes increasingly healthier and sounder.

  • iCell insulates floors – cold floors become warm
  • iCell insulates walls – the loose fill is excellent for filling walls
  • iCell insulates pitched roofs – effective sound insulation is also included in the purchase
  • iCell insulates the attic – seamless insulation on the attic floor

The installation processes – how it’s done

The working environment and installation techniques for cellulose loose fill offer a number of advantages for installers, construction companies, and property owners. There is no waste since only the exact amount of material for each construction project is installed, the rest of the insulation is saved, and can be used for future projects.

The insulation layers are created without junctions and the material is perfectly suited to be used in both old and new structures. The installer enjoys a much better work environment since iCell Lösull generates less dust and does not contain any hazardous substances.


iCell Lösull is often sold as complete installations where the work is performed by certified companies, which means a warranty is given on completed jobs.

iCell Lösull is CE marked and is identified under ETA certificate # 13/0658.

Secure supply

Since the mid-90’s, the availability of recycled newspaper in Europe during short periods (1-3 months) has decreased. As a result, manufacturers of cellulose loose fill have been faced with production-related issues. In Sweden, unlike the rest of Europe, the collection of recycled paper has been stable for many years. Sweden is a reliable country when it comes to the supply of recycled paper to be used as a raw material.

Quality assurance

Our entire business is characterized by a long-running quality consciousness. Quality assurance is an obvious prerequisite for us to be able to live up to the demands and expectations of customer authorities, organizations and not least our environment.


More About cellulosaisolering

Du sparar energi och pengar!

  • iCell nyttjar främst o-cirkulerade tidningar till produktionen.
  • Återvinning av ett ton tidningspapper motsvarar: 19 träd, 4 000 kWh energi, 29000 liter rent vatten, 3 m³ sopor och 30 kg giftigt avfall
Mer om isolering


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